A self-sustaining, secure and transparent clone ...opportunity.

Buy In Smart Contract

The Most Powerful & Decentralized Piece of Crap Yet


Every trade, buy or sell, has a 10% flat transaction fee applied. Instead of this going to the exchange, the fee is split between all currently held token holders and can be instantly withdrawn whenever you'd like!


Seriously, we have created the contract so that there is no way for anyone to self-distruct or run away with anyone's money. This contract will fluctuate in price and pay out dividends until the Ethereum network dies. At any time, you can sell your tokens back to the smart contract for the current price, or withdraw/convert the dividends you've accumulated!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you a clone?

A: There are several variations of this type of game.... The original was PoWH (now P3D), but POWL, PoWM, POWTF and many others copied them. So many clones have scammed out and screwed over their investors, we decided to take a stand! POOH is the most honest and trustworthy clone of P3D.

POOH was created by a team of investors that were taken advantage of by immoral coins that were only interested in a quick scam. We here at POOH feel that even pyramid games should have a high level of trust and honesty in order to be successful.

Q: Is POOH secure?

A: Yes. We made sure there are no self-destruct or back doors to the contract, making your tokens safe.

Q: What do I need to buy into this clone Crappy Clone?

A: You need to install MetaMask or Trust Wallet and also need to buy some ETH, probably from something like Coinbase. Then, transfer that ETH to your chosen wallet.

Q: So exactly what happens with the tokens that I buy?

A: Every time somebody buys or flushes a POOH token, the price changes - higher when bought, lower when flushed. If you keep your tokens where they are, you receive 10% from every buy OR flush transaction based upon your current share of tokens. You can convert your current token stash into Ether where it will sit in your dividends pool - your dividends are stored in ETH, not in tokens, so their value remains stable (as long as the ETH price itself remains stable.) However once you've converted your tokens, you won't be gaining any dividends - and if you want back in you'll need to either purchase more or simply convert your dividends pool straight back into tokens.

Q: So I should definitely take a 2nd mortgage on my house to play this game?

A: Are you stupid?! You should not be putting anything you can't afford to lose on this. PLEASE do not consider this to be anything other than what it intends to be: an honest proof of cloning. Do not invest more than you're willing to lose.

Q: So what is that you guarantee exactly?

A: Nothing.