Ether Pooh Farmer

Another Crypto Idle Game


? Plumber

Producing ? poohs per hour

0 Poohs
(? until house floods)

0 poohs would sell for 0.054


? poohs for

(NOTE: this is the default value. Adjust this number up or down to buy different amount of poohs.)

Earn Ethereum Collecting Pooh!

Ether Pooh Collector is the #1 pooh collecting simulator and idle game on the blockchain. The more plumbers you have, the more poohs they make (each plumber poohs at a rate of 1 per day). Call more plumbers with your poohs to multiply your production, or cash them out for Ethereum!

Powered by Metamask

This game requires Metamask

Poohs Are Frail

To prevent inflation, Plumbers are attached to their poohs and one half of your plumbers will leave if you flush your poohs.


Earn 20% the number of all plumbers called by anyone who starts playing using your link: ?


Like all idle games, there is a 'dev' fee. This particular game is only 5% of every transaction. Be mindful that there are some idle games with higher fees and hidden charges (adding to the buy amount in metamask). Do your own research behind the makers of the game before playing.